The best-trained heating and cooling technicians in the industry. Guaranteed.

Fast, accurate diagnosis of your heating and cooling equipment.

Clear, easy to understand TruTransparency™ pricing.

Hundreds of hours of classroom and in-the-field training.

Never a commission for parts, service, or repairs.


Getting it done right the first time.

When you hire a TruTech Certified™ Pro, you can be assured of service excellence. TruTech technicians are the best in the business. Incredibly well trained not only technically, but also to service the customer better and listen to their needs and concerns. TruTech Certified™ Pros will respect your home and property, not curse on the job, be neat and tidy in their appearance, and will never smoke in or near your home. Their professional training enables them to diagnose and zero in on problems faster and more efficiently than other technicians – which can save you money. Plus, work performed on your system will be guaranteed to be completed right, the first time, or they will come back and repair it at no cost to you. When you hire the best, expect the best... without compromise.

a commitment to continuing education.


The TruTech Certified™ Pro training program isn’t a one-and-done course; It’s a comprehensive curriculum of educational modules which are regularly expanded and updated – the training truly never ends. Heating and cooling systems have changed a lot over the years and the technology used in today’s systems can be staggeringly complex. Technicians advance through the TruTech Certified™ program by passing a variety of multiple courses as their expertise increases. Technical courses are divided into two categories – repair and installation, and as technicians advance, their course levels are recognized by a star system ranging from one to five stars. It’s the most complete HVAC training system in the world!

A guarantee of professional service.


Every HVAC service company that’s committed to the TruTech Certified™ Pro training program is guaranteed to offer the homeowner an exceptional customer experience. While it might be reasonable to assume that the heating and cooling company you hire will only send out well-trained technicians to service or repair your system, that assumption can lead to a poor experience. Ask your HVAC service company how their technicians are trained before you hire and trust them to send a technician to your home. Are they licensed and insured? What type of guarantees do they offer? Do their technicians earn a commission? These are all reasonable questions you should ask before you decide on a service provider.




The TruTech Promise

"TruTech Certified™ Pro’s will never offer to sell you a part, service, or repair that isn’t necessary. They are never paid a commission based on the parts, repairs, or service they recommend. Every repair will be thoroughly explained to you before any work is completed. It’s the best professional technician training system in the world – taught by hands-on instructors with thousands of hours of real-world, 'in-the-field' experience."

Don Miller, Director of Training


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